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Month Friday Topic Person
2/09/11 "What is the Genomic Discussion Group?" Fernando Cruz
16/09/11 "Applying for Courses in Bioinformatics and Genomics" Ana Píriz/F. Cruz
30/09/11 "Possibilities for Genome Analysis using Arabidopsis thaliana" Adrian Brennan & Xavi Picó
14/10/11 "Introducing Speakers Research Line: Get Ready for the Meeting!" Several of us
21/10/11 "Congress: "Frontiers in Ecological, Evolutionary and Conservation Genomics" ECOGENES Project (Chairman: X. Picó)
28/10/11 "Feedback about the Genomics Meeting" Bring Your Own Notes!
11/11/11 "Conservation genomics: Developing genomic resources for the critically endangered Iberian lynx" J.A. Godoy
25/11/11 "Problems genotyping multigene-families: an example from Iberian lynx MHC" Elena Marmesat Bertolí
16/12/11 Software and Other Genomic Resources F.Cruz/A.Brennan/V. Muñoz/M.Casas

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