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discussing about Genomics over a cup of coffee
discussing about Genomics over a cup of coffee


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Genomics Discussion Group (GDG)

  • Every 2 Fridays at 11:00 in Sala de Juntas.

Below the calendar, with subject of discussion and person opening the discussion for each meeting.

Click on past seasons (blue) to refresh your memory on the discussions held.

Suggestions for future discussions are welcome. Please send them to Miguel Camacho and Elena Marmesat.

== 2011 ==

== 2012 ==

== 2013 ==

Use of Genomics Server (EBD-CSIC)

EBD has bought an IBM Xseries 3690 X5 server in 2011. Although current characteristics are quite modest (64 GB RAM), the machine is flexible enough to be upgraded to high-end server full capacities. At this moment, the server allows running processes of moderate computational demand, such as cleaning and pre-processing of sequence reads, mapping, alignment, blast, variant calling on small genomic regions or handling .sam, .bam and .vcf files. The operative system is CentOS release 5.8 (Final) compatible with the software of the 454 Sequencer GS Junior acquired in by the EBD-CSIC in February 2011.

Note, that the total storage space is 8 TB. As it is a shared resource, please remove from it intermediate files you are no longer using and compress big files as soon as possible.

1. Getting an Account

2. Connecting to the Cluster

3. Requirements for Windows OS

4. Requirements for Mac and Linux OS

5. Important: Software Licenses!

6. Server Features

To move around with the command line check the Unix Tutorial here.


Warning: Please add new comments and tricks to solve problems about using the cluster here. Registration is mandatory

Genomics Papers

Follow the links below:

Is also recommended to check papers highlighted by scientist working in the field at Faculty 1000



Genetic Architecture of Complex Traits, indeed with lot of NGS and Bioinformatics.

Applied through CSIC's Gabinete de Formación on September 2011 (Pending of response):

Priority: 1 Introduction to Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Analysis

Priority: 2 Introduction to Perl in Bioinformatics

Online Courses:

Workshop on Genomics (8-21 January 2012) it was held in Český Krumlov, Czech Republic. Programs are not on the web but I can give copies aupon request. It's about 7-14 Gb.

Open Access Courses at bioinformatics.ca


ALPHY 2012: French-Spanish meeting on Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Genomics. March 19 -21 2012 – Banyuls-sur-Mer.

SMBE 2012: 23-26 June Dublin, Ireland

16th Evolutionary Biology Meeting at Marseilles, September 18-21, 2012 Marseilles FRANCE

Bioinformatics and Genomics

ASSEMBLATHON, a set of periodic collaborative efforts that all help improve methods of genome assembly.


Computational Tools and Platforms:

  • PyCoGent Python Comparative Genomics Toolkit


Genomic Resources:

Conservation Genomics

Conservation Genomics ESF Network

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